Waking Up Into Life

Meeting difficulties and uncertainty with creativity & spaciousness. Through deep connection and a love for life.

Facing the unprecedented amount of uncertainty we and the ecosystem are experiencing, can be overwhelming.

Would you like to act outward towards a life-sustaining planet with transformative possibilities and creativity, by taking the step inward?


Are we going to break-down or break-through?


Martin J. Reinholtz

Founder, Activist, Facilitator, Consultant and Wilderness Guide - Online and In-Person

Based in the forests close to Oslo, Norway, Martin comes from a background in Organizational Leadership, Ethics and Innovation. With 15 years of hands on and academic experience. During his career, he has specialized in emotional intelligence in organizations, Inner sustainability and the emerging field of "living systems organizations".

For a decade, Martin has been engaged in peaceful environmental activism. He has taken direct against oil platforms in the Barents Sea, nuclear power plants in Northern Europe, and with mass mobilizations to halt coal production in Germany.

Consecutively he has assisted hundreds of activists and change makers in working with ecological grief, culture building, resilience and reconnection. Developing compassion, inner and outer nature competency, realizing true nature, to taking effortless action with Heart.

Committed to life-long learning, Martin is a committed meditator, and has like others encountered deep truths and challenges. Highlighting awareness of the pitfalls of inner work in the "Industrial Growth Society". He follows his own advice on the ethical necessity for continued peer-support, responsible Self-care and immersive silence in nature.

As a facilitator for The Work That Reconnects (Active Hope), and scholar of Evolutionary Biology, System's Theory, Taoism, Zen and the classical Advaita Vedanta;

"In his workshop's, Martin seamlessly weaves the more-than-human-world (nature) and timeless wisdom, through immersive somatic and thought-provoking experiences, into a compassionate path of awakening to life".


"One of the most influential and kind facilitators I worked with."

Ellen, Workshop Participant

"I really appreciate the love and energy that you bring to this very important work which you deliver with such tenderness and generosity. It gives me such hope for the future and fills me with the courage needed to bring forward my best self in these times."

Nico, Workshop Participant


Rainer Maria Rilke

“Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.”


Work and Offerings

In English, Norwegian, Danish and German


Spaces for Truth-telling: Ecological Grief and Anxiety

There is a rapidly growing need for safe, professional, inclusive and trauma informed spaces to allow people to share, connect and integrate. We offer and refer to time-tested and grounded methodologies as support for organizations, events, groups, individuals and host intensive retreats.


Ethics, Integrity and Good Practice

Waking Up .Earth is a proud supporter of The Association For Spiritual Integrity. We take diligent care that we and our associates follow strong ethical principles and the honor code found here. We are committed to any interaction and event hosted by us to be a professional and safe arena of connection. Before becoming a student, trainee or participant with us, or other lineages, communities or teachers, we can invite you to review the Student Guidelines found here. "Together, we can transform the paradigm of spiritual leadership".


Eco systemic - Facilitation and Trainings

Emergence and Innovation through Diversity, Inclusion and Ecosystemic Awareness. Facilitation and trainings for new or experienced facilitators that want to dive deep into whole system's group dynamics.With 15 years of experience facilitating wholeness, starting and building environmental movements, national / grassroots organizations, and businesses. We can contribute to the spark of emergence and change.


The Work that Reconnects

Since its inception in the late 1970s, it has helped countless thousands of people around the globe find solidarity and courage to act despite rapidly worsening social and ecological conditions.

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Open Space

Unleash the power of life and self-organizing systems within your organization or community. "Invented" by Harrison Owen in the 80s, Open Space has increased diverse problem-solving capacity with up to "15.000%". Using the inherent logic of life contained within ourselves in dynamic interaction.

Open Space is a fun, energizing and beautiful way of facilitating powerful change. "It always works". Open space has been facilitated all over the world hundreds of thousands of times, and we are still amazed at what people come up with when they are allowed to be themselves freely.

Watch Ted X Talk With Harrison Owen


The Direct Path and Non-Duality in Nature

Meditation and coaching - going beyond classical mindfulness to the end of seeking.

Experience your true nature, though Inner and Outer Nature.

On the Path of Humanity, Martin is a scholar of the Advaita Vedanta, Taoism and Zen. Applying elements of the Way Of Nature©, The Headless Way, The Work That Reconnects and experiential storytelling to support the process of Compassionate Awakening.



(Pronounced: You tee air ia)

"A positive feeling of oneness with the earth and its life forces where the boundaries between self and the rest of nature are obliterated and a deep sense of peace and connectedness pervades consciousness. (eu =good, tierra = earth, ia = suffix for member of a group of {positive psychoterratic} conditions). [Albrecht 2010]


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